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Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  The mediation process allows disputing parties to resolve their conflict outside of courts and lawsuits through a neutral third party using specialized communication and negotiation.  Mediation can save all parties involved significant legal fees and the stress of adversarial court proceedings.

With offices in Ottumwa, Centerville, and Bloomfield, our firm provides mediation services to clients across Iowa.  Our attorneys have experience in diverse areas of law and can provide mediation for any situation and area of the law.

In Iowa, almost all family law cases, require the parties to attempt to resolve their differences, whether involving divorce, dissolution, custody, or child support, through mediation.  Our attorneys have a great deal of experience in family law, both as mediators, and in representing clients going through the stress of contested family law cases.  We understand the importance of helping individuals reach an amicable resolution that saves both money and delicate family relationships.

Whether facing a divorce, business dispute, or other litigation, our attorneys apply their expertise and experience to assisting all parties in reaching an agreeable resolution.